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    LED lights the story

    Mom to get off work yesterday to call to say that I last bought the LED light is broken, the mother thing but a big thing, after dinner I drove quickly passed.
    Mom entered the house to complain, and now how things do not go through the point of less than a month miles. I side to comfort the mother side of the lamp removed, and the new light to buy up. I saw a well-known LED manufacturers do it, the name I do not say friends.
        The next morning to the factory put this bad light to the king, look can not be repaired, after all, I spent tens of dollars. Wang said the problem I will be able to find, but if the parts are not broken, then we have no way.
        Two hours after the king came to my office, said: the electrolytic capacitor is broken, you see, are roofing, and this place should use 400V long life electrolytic capacitors, but this board is 250V, usually no Problem, but a high voltage when there will be hidden, I have put on a good capacitor, the lamp can also be used ... ...
        Afternoon I took the bad capacitor products to the market, explain their contact LED lights under the manufacturer, if not their production allows them to know that someone in the use of their trademarks, if they are produced, it is recommended that they board Look to improve, if necessary, you can contact Wang.
        This small thing made me realize that the product is no small matter, you see a small part - electrolytic capacitor is broken, to toss me so long, if the highway or the tunnel light is broken, it to toss the dead, But also a lot of money wasted.


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