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    Welcome: Yiyang City, Hualin Electronics Co., Ltd.
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    Industrial / factory, reserve cadre (production management direction)
    Location: Yiyang City Gender requirements: male
    Effective time: 90 days commitment monthly salary: 2600-3500 yuan
    Whether part-time: full-time release date: 2016/12/26 13:27:00
    Number of recruits: 1
    Specific requirements: Bachelor degree or above, more than three years of production-related work experience, work seriously, hard-working, to adapt to work in the evening


    Contact: Manager Huang

    Phone: 13873762095

    Tel: 0737-4688598

    Email: 1009871663@qq.com

    Add: Fushan Road, Longling Industrial Park, Heshan District, Yiyang City, Hunan Province

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